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Windows 7 – WinXP mode; part 2

Okay…I did some digging since I installed Windows Virtual PC to see what exactly happens when you get this feature up and running. Like we all know by now, this feature — or set of patches you download — installs a Windows XP virtual machine with some pre-configured settings. This virtual machine is configured to use 256MB of memory, NIC Shared Networking, etc. After the install, you get an option to launch the VM and on my machine, it took some sweet 15mins to complete “setting up for first use..” phase. BTW, there was one moment when the memory usage was 90%…!!

Inside the Windows XP virtual machine or Virtual Windows XP — as it is referred, you can find that the Remote Desktop Connection is enabled. By deafult, none of the applications are published for remote access. Now, for example, you want to access Internet Explorer 6 on the host i.e. your Windows 7 desktop, all you need to do is, Inside the Windows XP virtual machine

– Right click on the start button

– Click on Open All users

– Create a shortcut to Internet Explorer

– On Windows 7, click on Start -> All Programs -> Windows Virtual PC -> Virtual Windows XP Applications -> Internet Explorer

When you install a new application inside the VM, you dont have to do all this. You will find the newly added apps in the Windows 7 start menu

It is that simple. There is more to come. Watch this space.

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