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Windows 7 Install Fest – Bangalore

It just got over. The people participation was around 50-55, I think — not really a huge number for an event like this. There were three session since morning. First one was Vijay’s Windows 7 deep dive talk and second one was mine — Changes in Windows Server 2008 R2. At the end — in the afternoon — Aresh showed a few new features in Windows 7. The funniest part was, the Windows 7 laptop Vijay wanted to use for the Windows 7 deep dive crashed every time after connecting a projector. So, Win 7 deep dive was done using a Windows XP laptop. 🙂

Coming to my session, I got a feeling that my talk was fine but was more technical. I could have made it simple and easy to understand. Also, I spent very less time creating the deck and as a result I copied lot of pictures from a few R2 slides available on the Internet. I will try and do better next time. I, also, felt that more demos would have helped people understand the concepts easily.

Overall, it was time well spent. If you happened to be there and reading this blog post, leave your comments here about how you felt about the overall event and my talk, of course. It was nice meeting you there. See you next time..!