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Using VMConnect.exe command line

Here is a post that describes how to use vmconnect.exe command line to open VM Console in a stand alone mode without using Hyper-V MMC snap-in.

VMConnect Command-Line

VMconnect.exe has the following command line parameters.
ServerName, VMName and -G <GUID> parameters are self explanatory. However, -C <Count> parameter is very ambiguous. Help dialog specifies VM instance count but the actual meaning of the parameter is somewhat different. I had posted a question about this on the server virtualization technet forums and you can find a response to this from MS here.

If it is not clear from the explanation MSFT provided, refer to the screen shot below. Using the -C parameter, you will need specify how many instances of VMConnect you are going to initiate. Based on the number you provide, VMConnect stacks the VM console windows in such a way that you could see all the VM names one above another. It just makes it easy to select a VM console window in a minimized state.

Without this parameter, VM console windows will overlap each other and it may be difficult to access the one you need.

Here is what you need to do if you want to open 3 VM consoles.
VMConnect.exe <ServerName> <VMname 1> -C 3
VMConnect.exe <ServerName> <VMName 2> -C 3
VMConnect.exe <ServerName> <VMName 3> -C 3

VM Console