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Update: Internet explorer plugin to complement BITS File Transfer PowerPack

I got a few questions around the IE Plugin for BITS based downloads. One of them was what Wayne mentioned here. So, I decided write a bit around the issue Wayne is facing.

Like I mentioned in the reply there, it could be potentially because of two reasons.

1. You are using x64 OS
Windows x64 OS has got two versions of IE — both 32bit and 64bit. The 64bit one is named Internet Explorer – 64bit. So, if you copy the IE plugin files to C:\windows\System32 and use 32bit IE, you won’t be able to run this plugin. You need to copy these files to C:\windows\SysWow64 too. So, the safe method would be to extract the files to both the locations.

2. You have not enabled PowerShell script execution
Since this plugin uses .PS1 script, you need to enable PowerShell script execution. To do this, run the following cmdlet at PowerShell prompt

Set-ExecutionPolicy -executionPolicy Unrestricted


Set-ExecutionPolicy -executionPolicy ByPass

If you have taken care of these two, you should not have any issues running the IE Plugin.

BTW, I took this chance to update the plugin code to detect proxy server authention requirements. You can download the updated plugin here

[download id=”15″ format=”4″]

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