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Time Tracker HTA tool

Update: Updating the link to HTA download. For some reason, old zip was corrupt. [download id=12 format=4]

Sometime back, I have had a real big problem in determining where was I spending all my time. This was needed for a better work-life balance. Without something like this, I was over spending time at work and hence screwing up my personal life. I tried different methods. I had used MS Outlook journals for a while to track time spent on each task. This eventually became a headache as I had to maintain multiple journal entries. Later, I had even tried an Excel sheet by putting Start and End times for a task. I could not sustain this also for a long time. I needed something better and something which could aggregate time spent on each task in a day. I did not try finding on the net if there is something I can readily use instead decided to write a small tool for myself and came out with a simple yet useful HTA. I had practiced using this HTA for couple of months and I could figure out where I was spending most of my time. After some more time, using the same HTA, I could even change how I was spending time on different tasks.Time Tracker Window

I want to share this simple tool just in case you also got some time management problems like what I had.

This was written using MS HTA and JavaScript. As you see in this screenshot, you can click on the “Start” button against a task type. This will trigger the clock and will be shown in “Current Activity” text box. Clicking again on the “Start” button against another task will stop the current timer and start timer for the new task. At the end of the day, you can see the total time spent against each task listed there. For recording purpose, I had even provided a way to store the timings in a text file. You need to create a folder by name “TimeTracker” in your C drive to make sure this feature works. Closing Time Tracker window also triggers saving the timing information to the text file. In any case, the text file will have the current date as its name.


  • Add some more code to create the C:\TimeTracker folder automatically

  • Change the output type to CSV so that the time sheet can be exported to an Excel sheet

  • Add an option to easily add/remove tasks. Right now, you need to edit the HTA to add or remove items which may result in errors if not done properly

Your feedback is welcome.