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TechED India 2011: PowerShell in the enterprise – Best practices for adopting PowerShell as the automation platform

TechEd India 2011

TechEd India 2011

I will be speaking at TechED India 2011 this year. My session title is “PowerShell in the enterprise – Best practices for adopting PowerShell as the automation platform“. I got the inspiration for this session’s content from @jeffhicks’s whitepaper on PowerShell best practices for enterprise adoption.

Here is the session abstract:

PowerShell is slowly gaining ground as the automation platform within the enterprise data centers. It is not a “Microsoft Windows only” management interface anymore as several products such as VMWare ESX and RedHat Enterprise Virtualization are now supporting Windows PowerShell interfaces. There are also companies such as Intel, Dell and NetApp developing PowerShell interfaces for managing hardware. This session intends to cover the best practices and recommendations for adopting Windows PowerShell as the data center automation platform. In this session, you will learn about the security considerations, version control for the scripts, leveraging PowerShell community, and several tools for creating and sharing PowerShell scripts.
This session is on 23rd, March at 2PM. If you are at the event and if you are interested in PowerShell as the automation platform, make sure you drop by.
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Ravikanth is a principal engineer and the lead architect for Microsoft and VMware virtualized and hybrid cloud solutions within the Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell EMC. He is a multi-year recipient of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in Windows PowerShell (CDM) and Microsoft Azure. Ravikanth is the author of Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Revealed (Apress) and leads Bangalore PowerShell and Bangalore IT Pro user groups. He can be seen speaking regularly at local user group events and conferences in India and abroad.