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PowerShell extensions for CodePlex release web service version 0.2

I just made a release of PSCodePlex 0.2. This has got no fancy features but a lot of improvements as suggested by some of you. This release got some breaking changes to parameters. Add-Release $rName changed to $releaseName $pName changed to $projectName $rDescription changed to $releaseDescription $Status changed to $releaseStatus $public and $default have been changed to switch parameter type Upload-Release $rName changed to $releaseName $pName changed to $projectName $rType changed to $releaseType $rFolderPath changed to $releaseFolderPath Comment based help has been added. You can, now, use Get-Help cmdlet to retrieve help topics about Add-Release and Upload-Release. You can also -VERBOSE parameter to see detailed activity while using these cmdlets.

Programming CodePlex release web service in PowerShell

CodePlex provides a basic web service to add releases to an existing project. I wrote a quick module around using these web services to create releases and upload files to that release. This module itself is available as a CodePlex Project — PSCodePlex. You can download release 0.1 here. This module is a simple one. It has only two functions. Add-Release Add-Release¬†function can be used to create a CodePlex release. The following list describes the input parameters to it. pName Project Name of your CodePlex project. This is a mandatory parameter. rName Release Name of the new release you are creating under the specified project. This is a mandatory paramter. rDescription Decription for the new release. This parameter is not mandatory. If not specified, rName will be used as description status Status of the new release. Possible values are “Planning”, “Alpha”, “Beta”, “Stable”. This is a mandatory parameter. IsPublic Specifies if you want to show this release to everyone or not. Possible values are $true, $false. This is a mandatory parameter IsDefault Specifies if this …