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Session Slides: Tests Driven PowerShell Learning using PSKoans

At today’s Bangalore IT Pro and PowerShell Bangalore User Group (PSBUG) event, I had the opportunity to showcase the PSKoans module by Joel Sallow. This module has a set of Pester tests that you have to fix as you proceed in your efforts towards mastering PowerShell. I have found this method engaging and decided that I must show this to the community. After this session on PSKoans, I did live coding and streamed it live on Twitch (and did not realize that it was without audio :((). I fixed a function in my PSWindowsAdminCenter module and added a new function.

Session Slides: Experts Live India – PowerShell Data as File System

I had the opportunity to speak at the inaugural edition of Experts Live India 2019 over the weekend. It was a great experience. The organizers did a great job even when there were teething facilities issues that plagued the event right from the start. I had planned only for one session at the event but as some international speakers could not make it to the event, I was asked to take up one more session and I chose to show the audience SHiPS module. Hierarchical data can be read as a file system in PowerShell using SHiPS open source module. In this session, I walked the audience through what are providers and what is the advantage of implementing PowerShel providers using the SHiPS module.   Once again, the slides do not contain great deal of information since I wanted to make this more of a demo based session. The demo scripts are available at

Speaking at PowerShell Conference Europe – 2017 #PSConfEU #PowerShell #PSDSC

It must be no new news that PowerShell Conference Europe 2017 will happen in Hannover, Germany from May 3rd to 5th. I had great time at PSConf EU 2016 and you might have already seen all session recordings. It was the best conference I ever attended. Period. I will be speaking at PSConfEU this year as well. This year I have three sessions and a full day workshop on PowerShell DSC on the preconference day. I am personally excited and cannot wait to talk about and demo what I have. There has been lot of work in the PS DSC space and can’t wait to show all that to the community. Of course, conferences are not just about speaking. I am looking forward to meet all my friends and make some more new friends as every year. If you are speaking at PSConfEU or attending the event, come by and say hello!

Updates to Hyper-V Networking DSC Resource Modules

I just released an update to my Hyper-V Networking DSC resource module (version 2.6 at present). This module contains six resources at the moment and I plan to add a few more in the near future. cVMSwitch is used to create virtual machine switches. cSwitchEmbeddedTeam is used to create switch embedded team VM switches on Server 2014 TP4 and above. cNatSwitch is used to deploy a VM switch of NAT type. cVMNetworkAdapter is used to create VM network adapters to attach to either management OS or the virtual machines. cVMNetworkAdapterSettings is used to configure VM network adapter settings such as bandwidth weights, port mirroring, DHCP guard, MAC address spoofing, etc. cVMNetworkAdapterVlan is used to configure VLANs on virtual network adapters either in the management OS or virtual machines. The cSwitchEmbeddedTeam and cNatSwitch resources are new in this release and are applicable only from Windows Server 2016 onwards. The cVMNetworkAdapter, cVMNetworkAdapterVlan, and cVMNetworkAdapterSettings modules have two breaking changes. There was no Id property earlier and the Name property was used as a key. This resulted in an issue where …

PowerShell Desired State Configuration workshop in Bangalore

If you are in and around Bangalore and interested in learning about PowerShell DSC, here is your chance. We (Ritesh Modi lead this) did a full day workshop on DSC basics last month. To continue the learning from there, I will be doing a half-day DSC resource module authoring workshop. In this workshop, I will show how to create DSC resources based on PowerShell script modules and Class-defined modules. Here is the idea for the workshop. Attendees will carry their laptops and will be given Azure passes, if needed. We will start with a introduction to resource authoring and as we progress, I will start writing a DSC resource module for the ideas that I have. At the same, we expect attendees to pick an idea and start authoring resource modules. The goal, by end of the day, is to have at least a few modules that can be tested and published. Apart from the DSC workshop, we also have a bunch of IT pro related sessions in the second half of the day. So, don’t …

Infrastructure as Code at PowerShell Conference Asia 2015

PowerShell Conference Asia is here. It is scheduled to happen on 18th and 19th of September in Singapore. There is an excellent line up of sessions and speakers from around the world. You will get to hear Jeffrey Snover (via Skype) on day 1 and Nana from the PowerShell DSC team will present in-person. This conference is sponsored by SAPIEN Technologies! SAPIEN has been playing a key role in the PowerShell community and you will get to hear about some of their great products and meet their staff. Infrastructure as Code At the PowerShell Conference, I will be doing a session on Infrastructure as Code with DSC. In my session, you will learn what infrastructure as code is and how you can connect different technologies to make Infrastructure as code work for you. This will be a mostly demo-oriented session and very few slides. So, if you plan to attend PowerShell Conference Asia – 2015, come over to my session. Registration & Venue We have opened up registration on Eventbrite. We are accepting payment by PayPal and registration …

Azure Resource Manager and DSC in PowerShell 5.0 at the PSBUG December Meet

At the PowerShell Bangalore User Group (PSBUG) December meeting, I will be talking about Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and changes to DSC in Windows PowerShell 5.0 preview. The ARM session will introduce the concept of resource groups and templates and demonstrate how to customize templates. In the DSC session, I plan to show a demo of partial configurations and class-defined resources in DSC. Here is the overall agenda: 9 AM – 9.30 AM – Registrations 9.30 AM – 10.15 AM – Changes to Desired State Configuration in PowerShell 5.0 – Ravikanth Chaganti, MVP 10.15 AM – 11.00 AM – Office 365 : Managing Identies with Windows PowerShell – Deepak Dhami, MVP 11.00 AM – 11.15 AM – Break 11.15 AM – 12.00 Noon – Getting started with Azure Resource Manager – Ravikanth Chaganti, MVP 12.00 Noon – 12.45 PM – WPF and PowerShell – Deepak Dhami, MVP As usual, our venue for this meeting Microsoft Office in Bangalore. Hamilton Hall, 4th Floor, Signature Building, Microsoft, Bangalore If you are around Bangalore area, plan to join us! …

Windows PowerShell MVP for another year!

I am happy to share this news once again. In fact, for the fifth time 🙂 The past year has been a very interesting one. With the release of PowerShell 4.0 and DSC, I had a chance to reach out to large number of community members and help them understand the new technology. I am sure this will only get better in the coming year. I am looking forward to it.