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VHDMOUNT for Hyper-V – Updated Scripts

I just posted an issue with old VHDMOUNT scripts I created. As mentioned in the earlier post, this issue was caused because of an update to GetVirtualHardDiskInfo method output format. You can download an updated version of this script here. You will have to unzip all the files in to a single folder and then import HV-Reg.reg in to your registry. You may have to change the script path in the registry file based on where you have unzipped these files.

codeplex project update

I have made an intermittent release on Codeplex. You can download it @ There are no major feature additions. I have modified the main menu display and bundled related activities in to a few categories to make sure I keep the main menu clean and small. Also, I am planning to release each feature in this tool as an individual script. This is to make sure the VBScripts are available for anyone who wants to use them irrespective of what SKU of Hyper-V they are running.

First release of HVS2008 Scripts / UI

A week after I created this Codeplex project, I made the first release this evening. This is a very initial release and will not have the complete functionality. For this release, I mostly concentrated on the presentation aspects. I have tried to use the same interface as HVConfig.CMD because I feel that is the best way you can create a text based menu interface. Coming to the design aspects of the whole project itself, there are currently 4 components in this. Here are some more details on the four components HVS2008CONFIG.CMD This file is the starting point. You need to run this file to access the scripts / UI. I have used this design to make sure that any environment changes required for the VBScript to function can be done. *Always* use this script to start the HVS2008 configuration scripts / UI HVS2008DISPLAY.VBS This VBScript will display the main menu interface and prompt the user for what he wants to do. This menu is generated dynamically from HVS2008MAIN.WSF and will mostly remain unchanged for a long time. This …

Hyper-V Server 2008 local management scripts / UI

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I am planning to create a easy to use local interface for managing Hyper-V Server 2008. For the same purpose, I created a project on Codeplex. You can access the project @ I had chosen Codeplex to make sure the content is under better version control and better availability. Here is the intent of this project (as written in the description of the project) Hyper-V Server 2008 is based on Server Core and has no local management possible. One must have a second machine (either Windows Vista SP1 or Windows Server 2008) to manage this OS and the hypervisor. This project intends to develop various scripts and put them together in to a small user interface for easier / local management of hyper-v server. Most of the functionality (except VM console access / Guest Install) achieved using Hyper-V Management MMC will be mimiced here. I am planning to publish the first set of scripts by end of next week. Stay tuned.!