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PowerShell ISE addon GUI for importing and removing modules

I (@ravikanth) & Bernd have been working on reviving the PSISECream codeplex project. We are trying to improve a few modules that are already a part of this project and adding new modules as required. The first step towards that goal was to provide a standardized way of adding and removing ISE addon menu items. Bernd did a great job at that and created ISECreamBasic module. You can use this module to add / remove ISE addon menu items. You can find the documentation for this module @ You can download v0.1 release of this project @

While ISECreamBasic is the core of the PSISECream project, it does not really add any addon modules. So, I started up writing a addon GUI to provide the functionality of importing and removing modules. If you have used PowerGUI script editor, this GUI addon is very similar to what you see in PowerGUI’s File -> PowerShell libraries option.

PowerShell ISE GUI addon

PowerShell ISE GUI addon

You can download the PSISECream release here. As you see in the above screenshot, this GUI shows a list of modules located on the system at $ENV:PSModulePath. You can select a module and click OK to import the module. You also have an option to add a module which is not listed in the grid by clicking on the add module button. Once you load a module using this option, it gets displayed in the grid. You will be able to remove the imported modules by unchecking the module and clicking OK.

The version, description information will be displayed only if the module comes with a manifest file. Using this GUI addon, you will not be able to unload “ISELoadModules” module and the reason should be obvious.

This is just the starting. We will have many more improvements to this module as well as other modules. A few examples of improvements in the upcoming releases include

  • Being able to save a list of modules that should be imported during ISE startup
  • Being able to configure ready-made tab configurations (collection of several modules, and remote/local computer) and use them as bookmarks

This is just the taste of what is coming up…stay tuned..!

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