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PowerShell extensions for CodePlex release web service version 0.2

I just made a release of PSCodePlex 0.2. This has got no fancy features but a lot of improvements as suggested by some of you. This release got some breaking changes to parameters.


  1. $rName changed to $releaseName
  2. $pName changed to $projectName
  3. $rDescription changed to $releaseDescription
  4. $Status changed to $releaseStatus
  5. $public and $default have been changed to switch parameter type


  1. $rName changed to $releaseName
  2. $pName changed to $projectName
  3. $rType changed to $releaseType
  4. $rFolderPath changed to $releaseFolderPath

Comment based help has been added. You can, now, use Get-Help cmdlet to retrieve help topics about Add-Release and Upload-Release. You can also -VERBOSE parameter to see detailed activity while using these cmdlets.

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Ravikanth is a principal engineer and the lead architect for Microsoft and VMware virtualized and hybrid cloud solutions within the Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell EMC. He is a multi-year recipient of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in Windows PowerShell (CDM) and Microsoft Azure. Ravikanth is the author of Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Revealed (Apress) and leads Bangalore PowerShell and Bangalore IT Pro user groups. He can be seen speaking regularly at local user group events and conferences in India and abroad.

  •  Was able to add the module and the script runs but returns:
    ‘Insufficient permissions to perform the operation.’
    ‘ Add-Release -pName “dsamples” -rName “Project Samples 0.1” -status “Alpha” -username “sqlsolver” -passWord “mypassword” -IsPublic $true ‘ 

    I checked Get-ExecutionPolicy and it’s set to ‘unrestricted’ so does this refer to permissions on the CodePlex account?

    With Upload-Release I’m getting project name errors (trying to refer to the existing project) and error uploading file because access is denied on the local path (running PS as Administrator).
    I appreciate any suggestions..

  • I have not worked on this for almost many months now. I will get back to you soon. BTW, the documentation seems to pointing at wrong parameter names. I have updated the parameter names to something more meaningful. Pls check the script.