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One more release of HVS 2008 UI to end the year

It has been a great year so far. I have really enjoyed working on quite a few interesting things including the HVS2008 UI project. I just made another release of this tool on codeplex. You can download it at

I have fixed a couple of bugs I found and added Snapshot management / Backup features. Snapshot management includes creating/deleting/Listing/Applying snapshots. These are available under “Virtual Machine Activities”. Backup has been added to “Misc activities” menu option. You will be able to set a default backup device and/or perform backup to a different backup device. All it does is basically copy all VM/VHD files to the specified backup location. I haven’t added automatic shutdown / restart of VMs before / after backup operation. I have left this intentionally because ShutdownComponent is the only safe way of shutting down VMs and it works only if ICs are installed in the Guest OS. It is not necessary that all your VMs have ICs installed. This drives for lot of scripting and I thought it is not an immediate requirement. So, before you perform a backup you need to shutdown all VMs; Perform backup and restart all VMs.

There is still lot of redundant code in the scripts. Not really the best way of scripting…! I will fix it next year 🙂

Recommened method of using this tool
– Before even you create any VMs, change the VM/VHD default locations to a different drive. This will not only protect your data but also improve the performance; You can use VM / VHD related activities menu options to configure this
– Now create whatever VMs you want
– Specify a backup device using Misc Activities Menu option; This gets stored in the registry at HKLM\Software\HVS2008UI\BackupDevice. This makes the setting persistant across reboots, etc. I have done this as I have plans to include scheduled backup option for VM data

Hope you find the new additions useful. I am looking forward to add a few more useful features to this tool. Please continue to provide your feedback.

Have a wonderful year ahead..Happy new year

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