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One click import of PowerShell module-sets from an ISE addon menu

It has been a while since I last blogged and also there are several PowerShell projects I kept on hold. One of that is an ISE addon to import module-sets from an addon menu option. By saying module sets, I mean a group of dependent PowerShell modules required to achieve a specific task. You can achieve that by simply loading all those modules manually. But that is not how “PowerShellers” do their work. We — PowerShellers — automate such things and that is the idea behind module sets. For example, this is what I have in my PowerShell profile.

So, in the above code snippet, all I am doing is adding an ISE addon menu option and loading a set of modules/snapins when I select that option. Simple.! This would show up in my ISE environment as this  

ISE Modulesets menu

ISE Modulesets menu

Now, when I select SharePoint all the above modules get loaded. BTW, SPISE is yet another ISE addon I am working on to provide some cool extensions to SharePoint 2010 cmdlets. Stay tuned. It will come out soon. 

But creating / managing module-sets in the PowerShell profile is a pain. So, that is where the ISE addon (I & Bernd are working on this) will come in handy. So, here is the teaser. 

ISE Module-sets

ISE Module-sets

The above GUI is self explanatory. You will be able to create module-sets against localhost or a remote system, save them to a configuration file, have the module-sets available as ISE addon menu options as shown above. You can — at one mouse click — connect to a remote session and import all the modules you need to do some job. Isn’t that cool. Let me know if you have any feedback on this. 

We will soon make this a part of psisecream and make a release. Stay tuned..!

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