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My new home on Internet

Ravichaganti.com will be my new home on Internet. I have had Ravikanth.in for a while and never did anything useful with that. Couple of reasons for moving to this new address.

  1. My earlier web hosting server had only 20MB space overall. You know how disgusting that is if you also own a website.
  2. Overall permitted bandwidth per month was also pretty limited. Hence resulting in very slow access to the web.
  3. .In domain names are costly to maintain. They cost you a whopping Rs. 699 per year.

I bought 4GB of webspace from eWebGuru and this domain name. I have got the new domain name for 5 years and the web space for 2 years. I want to put this to good use at least this time. I am still constructing the website. Just imported the posts from previous website and started with a new home page. Most of the content on this website is based on WordPress Blog software and plug-ins. Please feel free to comment on the overall layout and upcoming content.

As fas as the old website is concerned, I will let it die the natural death.

Update: (2/11)

I have updated the domain redirection for the old website to this new site. This means that you will never be able to access the content on the old website. By default, you will always get redirected to this new site.