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Install and configure iFilters for SharePoint 2010 using PowerShell & updated PS SP2010 Utils

This is one of the recent additions to my SharePoint 2010 PowerShell scripts & Utilities project on Codeplex. I wrote a generic script cmdlet to take care of iFilter MSI install, make changes to DOCICON.XML, and add the crawl extension to the search service application.

This could be useful to those who perform frequent SharePoint 2010 farm configuration. You can copy just this script @ http://pssp2010utils.codeplex.com/SourceControl/changeset/view/14b6c2e1b6ec#SPInstallUtils.psm1

This script requires to be run at the SharePoint 2010 management shell since there is a dependency on New-SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlExtension cmdlet.

IFilter Install

IFilter Install

Whatever iFilters I’d Installed so far were all MSI with silent install support. So, making this a generic script cmdlet was a choice for me.

You can find the complete documentation of PSSP2010Utils @ http://pssp2010utils.codeplex.com/documentation

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