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HVS2008 UI – Retrospection

It has been a while since I looked at this. I still see some downloads everyday. Till date, there were 772 downloads. Few weeks back, I posted a note about the closure of this project and said I am not going to work on this anymore. Today, however, I am having some second thoughts. Couple of reasons for that.

1. Survey done on this blog
This survey I posted a few days back clearly showed that HVS2008 UI is certainly the most popular one out of all that I developed so far.

Here is the proof:

2. Feedback from users of this script
I have been receiving lot of good feedback and appreciation mails from many of you out there. This tool got blogged at many places too. But this particular reply on the codeplex discussion thread really had me. Here is what Jeff had to say on that thread

Just to let you know, I discovered this gem today.

It’s an absolute god send! It should be part of the default HyperV server build its that good! (just like HVremote has been incorporated into R2!).

Its always been a minor annoyance that once installed, you’re completely dependant on Remote tools to view the status of the server. Simple things like starting/stopping or viewing the status of VM’s should be part of the core OS and thanks to these scripts, now are.

Fantastic stuff and a big thank you!

MS, are you listening..?! 🙂 On a serious note, I couldn’t imagine anything better than this. I was – for a moment – speechless. Last time I felt so happy was the birth of my son early this year. I mean it.! You made my day Jeff..!

Okay, after coming back to the material world and doing some reality checks, I really don’t have enough bandwidth to maintain this at the moment. It is not that it has so many bugs. To my knowledge, there are zero bugs. But there is always scope for improvement. To let you all know, I am seriously thinking about that. I learned quite a bit about using Hyper-V WMI interfaces while developing this script and this is yet another reason to continue work on this. Now that R2 supports .NET, porting this whole thing to C# isn’t a bad idea..!

Thanks again to all those who downloaded this tool, gave your feedback and blogged about it.

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