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Get ready to be bitten by the PowerShell BUG on 28th July!

We are on-track for the first PowerShell Bangalore User Group meet on 28th July! We have 67 registrations so far and I am pretty sure from the registrations that at least 40 folks will come to the event. Feel free to carry your laptops/notebooks to the event and also your favorite tips and tricks. This is a group event and we encourage everyone in the room to participate!

We have also got Code Owls LLC to sponsor a couple of SeeShell licenses as a give away.


About Code Owls LLC

Code Owls LLC was founded in 2010 by software development veteran Jim Christopher. Jim gained 18 years of professional experience developing complex software projects in highly regulated industries, including education, gaming, and defense. His professional drive is designing software, systems, and user experiences for automation, a theme that has earned him a two-time Microsoft MVP for PowerShell (2011, 2012).  In the short time Code Owls LLC has been in operation, it has produced automation solutions that have saved millions of dollars for clients in public education, IT, and cloud services. In addition, each employee has logged on average 80 volunteer hours per year in the Charlotte public school district, assisting teachers with hands-on classroom activity as well as providing technical assistance in school computer labs.

I also have a PowerShell for Exchange cook book to give away. So, be there to be able to grab these goodies!

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Ravikanth is a principal engineer and the lead architect for Microsoft and VMware virtualized and hybrid cloud solutions within the Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell EMC. He is a multi-year recipient of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in Windows PowerShell (CDM) and Microsoft Azure. Ravikanth is the author of Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Revealed (Apress) and leads Bangalore PowerShell and Bangalore IT Pro user groups. He can be seen speaking regularly at local user group events and conferences in India and abroad.