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First release of HVS2008 Scripts / UI

A week after I created this Codeplex project, I made the first release this evening. This is a very initial release and will not have the complete functionality. For this release, I mostly concentrated on the presentation aspects. I have tried to use the same interface as HVConfig.CMD because I feel that is the best way you can create a text based menu interface. Coming to the design aspects of the whole project itself, there are currently 4 components in this.

HVS 2008 Design

HVS 2008 Design

Here are some more details on the four components

This file is the starting point. You need to run this file to access the scripts / UI. I have used this design to make sure that any environment changes required for the VBScript to function can be done. *Always* use this script to start the HVS2008 configuration scripts / UI

This VBScript will display the main menu interface and prompt the user for what he wants to do. This menu is generated dynamically from HVS2008MAIN.WSF and will mostly remain unchanged for a long time. This script will perform some checks on the system to make sure Hyper-V role is enabled and HVS2008MAIN.WSF can be read for creating the menu

This Windows Script Host File (WSF) will have the main functions available for the user as different jobs. Each job represents a menu option. You will mostly see changes to this script and HVS2008HELPER.VBS files.

This file contains all the shared functions required by HVS2008MAIN.WSF.

So, that is about the initial release. Please take a look at how the whole presentation is and let me know what you think. I will plan to release at least 50% of the features by end of next week. Here is the link to releases

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