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eBook Update: Layman’s guide to PowerShell 2.0 remoting

PowerShell remoting

PowerShell remoting

After lot of procrastination, I finally completed updates to my PowerShell remoting eBook. First of all, many thanks to Jan Egil Ring (@JanEgilRing) for contributing Appendix B: Remoting in an enterprise. This is a great addition to the content of this eBook.

These are the changes that went in to this update.

Chapter 2
Enable remoting for only a specific network adapter
Remoting in an Enterprise

Chapter 3
Run script files on remote computers

Chapter 9
Added a note on Domain controller credential delegation
Updated a note on Windows XP/2003 support for CredSSP

Appendix A
Added some more FAQ

Appendix B
Remoting in an Enterprise by Jan Egil Ring

I’ve replaced the old download link with the updates and here is the download link.

[download id=”22″ format=”4″]

You can download the older version of this eBook here.

Looking forward to your feedback, as always.

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