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ConvertTo-PowerShell: PowerShell versus “other” scripting examples – Part 2

Please take a look at part 1 to understand why I started this series of articles.  In this post, I will show another example from the scripting guys forum. Again, this is a PowerShell one-liner to do the job of 30 lines of VBScript. What this script does is real simple. It just creates a folder with current time as name and inside that a folder with current date as name. Simple..right.!?      


As you see in the above example, we spend more time creating objects, parsing date / time, etc. Where as, the core requirement is a simple CreateFolder method.      


It looks simple in PowerShell because of it’s implementation of .NET based self-describing object model. We check if a folder with a specified name exists and if not, we create the folder and pipe the resulting object to ForEach-Object and use the CreateSubDirectory method to create a folder underneath it.    

PowerShell lets you concentrate on what you needs to achieve and it takes care of remaining aspects like formatting, etc. More on this in the next post.

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