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eBook: WMI Query Language via PowerShell

If you read the WQL series of posts on this blog, you may be aware by now that I was working on converting that series in to an eBook. So, finally, I made it. [download id=”25″ format=”4″] This ebook has 9 chapters (56 pages of WMI and PowerShell goodness) and here is the high-level content outline: Introduction Tools for the job WMI Data queries WMI Event Queries: Introduction Intrinsic Event Queries Extrinsic Event Queries Timer Events WMI Schema Queries WMI Event consumers As you see above, the content of this book much more than what was there in the blog posts. I have included a bonus chapter (WMI event consumers) to show how permanent event consumers can be create using both WMI and the PowerEvents module by @pcgeek86. I’ve spent almost 38hrs of editing on this book. This is excluding the hours my friends — Shay Levy, @Alexandair, Philip LaVoie, and Robert Robelo — spent reviewing the content. I am very thankful to them for spending their weekend reviewing this ebook and providing the feedback. …

eBook Update: Layman’s guide to PowerShell 2.0 remoting

After lot of procrastination, I finally completed updates to my PowerShell remoting eBook. First of all, many thanks to Jan Egil Ring (@JanEgilRing) for contributing Appendix B: Remoting in an enterprise. This is a great addition to the content of this eBook. These are the changes that went in to this update. Chapter 2 Enable remoting for only a specific network adapter Remoting in an Enterprise Chapter 3 Run script files on remote computers Chapter 9 Added a note on Domain controller credential delegation Updated a note on Windows XP/2003 support for CredSSP Appendix A Added some more FAQ Appendix B Remoting in an Enterprise by Jan Egil Ring I’ve replaced the old download link with the updates and here is the download link. [download id=”22″ format=”4″] You can download the older version of this eBook here. Looking forward to your feedback, as always.

eBook: Layman’s guide to PowerShell 2.0 remoting

If are you a regular visitor to this blog, you may be aware of my PowerShell remoting series of blog articles. Traffic to this blog increased by almost 80% ever since I started the remoting series. This set of articles appear on the first page of Internet search almost all the time. The idea behind starting the remoting series was to develop the content in to an eBook at the end. I have been sitting on it for while and just got a chance to complete it after a few late night efforts.This eBook has more content than the remoting blog posts. This kinda concludes the remoting series. There are a few things I have not discussed including fan-in remoting. I will add those things as separate chapters, if required. You can download the eBook here [download id=”22″ format=”4″] This eBook got an update from the initial release. Here are the additions in the update. Chapter 2 Enable remoting for only a specific network adapter Remoting in an Enterprise Chapter 3 Run script files on remote …

eBook: Windows Server Virtualization – Virtual Storage

In this release — Chapter 4: Virtual Storage — I wrote quite a bit on what all is supported under Hyper-V and talked about some best practices when using various types of virtual storage. This chapter focuses on how to create and manage virtual storage using various methods available. These methods include Hyper-V MMC, Diskpart.exe, Diskmgmt.msc and Hyper-V WMI interfaces. I have tested all the scripts on a Windows Server 2008 R2 system with Hyper-V role.

Book: Windows Server Virtualization

Here is the high level outline of the book I am planning. I have not decided on a title yet. Yeah, it is less important than the content so, let us keep it to the end. Chapter 1 Introduction to Virtualization – What is virtualization? – Historical overview – Microsoft Vitualization Solutions Chapter 2 Hyper-V: An architectural & feature overview Chapter 3 Hyper-V: Installation and configuration Chapter 4 Hyper-V: Virtual Storage Chapter 5 Hyper-V: Virtual Networks Chapter 6 Hyper-V: Advanced virtual networking concepts – Virtual Machine Queues – Virtual Machine Chimney Chapter 7 Hyper-V: Creating and Managing Virtual Machines Chapter 8 Hyper-V: Virtual Machine snapshots Chapter 9 Hyper-V: Quick Migration Chapter 10 Hyper-V: Live Migration Chapter 11 Hyper-V: Backup and restore Chapter 12 Hyper-V: Management using SCVMM 2008 R2 Chapter 13 Hyper-V: Tools and references I would like to focus only on Hyper-V v2 and SCVMM 2008 R2. I will, however, provide a note wherever the explained feature set does not apply to Hyper-V v1. This will help me avoid an update to the book …