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Accessing Windows Imaging Application Platform Interface (WIMGAPI) in PowerShell

If you have used the Deployment Imaging Servicing Management (DISM) cmdlets in Windows 8 (Server or Client), you would have quickly realized that the functionality is limited only to certain basic tasks around image servicing and tasks such as capturing a WIM image and applying WIM image are still with dism.exe. So, we still need to use dism.exe when we need to perform some of the advanced tasks as I mentioned here. Now, it may not a very suitable solution when you want to do everything using PowerShell. Of course, you can wrap dism.exe in PowerShell but in my opinion, that is not the best way! I prefer everything PowerShell as long as possible.

Windows 8, PowerShell 3.0, and all the goodness!

With Windows 8, I am more interested in managing / automating Microsoft Hyper-V with Windows PowerShell and hence, I will be focusing more on the Hyper-V cmdlets. So, in the coming days, you will see a bunch of blog posts explaining how to use Hyper-V cmdlets in Windows Server 8 to automate the virtual infrastructure.