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Send Twitter updates with Geo tags using PowerShell

Update: I fixed an issue with $webClient.UploadString usage and added ByPass-Proxy to make sure that this script works with proxy authentication. Sending Twitter updates using PowerShell isn’t a new thing. There is a Twitter Powerpack too. Twitter recently introduced geotags feature. Here is how they describe this feature. Twitter’s Geotagging feature allows users who opt-in to the service to selectively Geotag their tweets with their exact location and provide more context to users about their surroundings. This great new functionality allows you to join into a local conversation and annotate the world around you as you travel from one place to another. But geotagging isn’t available when you Tweet using Twitter’s web interface. You need to use a client software that supports Geotagging API when sending status updates. I use TweetDeck as my Twitter client. However, TweetDeck does not yet support Geo tags while sending tweets. It can — however — recognize if incoming tweets have the geotags. Now, in this post, I will show you how to combine Google Geo-coding API with Twitter API to send Twitter …

Proxy authentication in a VBScript

While experimenting with Twitter API using VBScript, I was unable to access as the script was not authenticating to the proxy server inside the corporate network. I was using XMLHTTPRequest object initially and found out that there is no way I could authenticate to a proxy when using this object. I quickly looked at WinHttpRequest object and it provides a mechanism to set the proxy credentials. I thought it is worth sharing that here.

The overall output of this script will be 20 recent replies to your Tweeter account in XML format. That may not be really useful to you but I just wanted to describe how the proxy server authentication can be done using VBScript. Technorati Tags: Twitter,Twitter API,Scripting,VBScripts