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PowerShell Community in Bangalore – Survey

I have seen and interacted with quite a few folks — in and around Bangalore — asking for PowerShell help and training. There are, also, many folks who write scripts for automating their day to day tasks. I have always been trying to understand if there is need for a dedicated PowerShell user group at Bangalore. We delivered several sessions at Bangalore ITPro UG meets but then the focus is not always PowerShell. There are various other topics we would like to concentrate at Bangalore IT Pro user group meetings. I have been trying to do this survey for a while and just got a few things together. The intent of this survey is to understand if we need a dedicated PowerShell user group at Bangalore. This is for both developers and IT Professionals. This survey will help me find if there is enough interest to create a new focus group for PowerShell here in Bangalore. So, here is the survey around PowerShell community in Bangalore. This survey will be open until 5/13/2011, 10AM (IST). So, if …

Graphical User Interface (GUI) for your PowerShell scripts: survey results

Last week, around the same time, I decided to a small survey on why scripters would choose to create UI for their PowerShell scripts and what do they use to create a UI. With that thought, I created a simple survey with just three questions and shared with you all twitter. This survey received 34 responses. I think this response is good enough to understand the major reasons for creating GUI for PowerShell scripts. Note: This survey was purely around what UI framework do people use to create UI for the PowerShell scripts and not about what tools they use. I included PrimalForms and Visual Studio only because they facilitate easier creation of UI. PowerGUI AdminConsole fits perfectly into the options if I were to do a survey on the tools you use to create GUI apps to wrap PowerShell scripts. Thanks to all who answered this survey. So, with no further delay, here are the results: Do you create GUI for any of your PowerShell Scripts? What are some of the reasons for creating UI for PowerShell scripts? …

Survey: Windows PowerShell training in India

I created a survey to understand how many of you (read as techies based out of India) would be interested in a formal Windows PowerShell training.There are many classroom or online training events that happen outside of India. I do not know or aware of any such event within India. I really want to understand how many of you would really pay for such a training and what mode of training you prefer. This does not mean that I am starting this training here in India. However, that is a possibility. 🙂 This is just a high level survey to understand the interest in this. Go ahead and take the survey and let me know if you have anything else to share using the comments box. I will keep the survey open for two weeks and then publish the responses. [SURVEYS 2]