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PowerTask – Shortcut to all your favorite PowerShell programs

This is my last post for this year and I am excited about this new application — PowerTask — I am writing as an exercise while learning C# / .NET programming. I use quite a few PowerShell related programs for my script development, testing and learning purpose. They are way too many and what I currently do is pin them to taskbar for quick access. However, as I install more and more, it is hard to manage all of them using the taskbar icons. This is a set of PS related icons I have on my taskbar. So, I decided to simplify access to these programs and still don’t lose the taskbar real estate, specially since I am always checking the State Farm review.  One best way to achieve this is to consolidate all these programs in to a jump list and that is what I did. I wrote a simple .NET application that looks for all PowerShell related programs and then adds them to the jumplist for this .NET application. All I need to …

Quick links to scripts & tools on this blog

I am working on implementing a PHP file explorer on this site. You will be able to walk though all the public content and download scripts & tools. Until then, here is a list of scripts & tools on this blog Time Tracker HTA Enable Hyper-V.vbs VHD Mount.VBS & HV Reg.ZIP (Both these files are needed to implement VHD Mount) Hyper-V VM start/Shutdown/save state VBScript Get VM network Information VBScript Get VM Summary Information VBScript

Using GetSummaryInformation() method

GetSummaryInformation() method in the Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementService class gets data like guest OS type, uptime, heartbeat, etc, etc This method is documented here. This one takes SettingData and RequestedInformation as inputs and returns an embedded instance of Msvm_SummaryInformation as the output. I don’t know how to pass the settingdata and RequestedInformation in a proper way. I just used NULL for settingdata and an array of numbers as RequestedInformation. I am not an expert in WMI. So, please excuse my dumb VBScript. It serves the purpose though 🙂 Here is the script for your reference