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PowerShell Desired State Configuration workshop in Bangalore

If you are in and around Bangalore and interested in learning about PowerShell DSC, here is your chance. We (Ritesh Modi lead this) did a full day workshop on DSC basics last month. To continue the learning from there, I will be doing a half-day DSC resource module authoring workshop. In this workshop, I will show how to create DSC resources based on PowerShell script modules and Class-defined modules. Here is the idea for the workshop. Attendees will carry their laptops and will be given Azure passes, if needed. We will start with a introduction to resource authoring and as we progress, I will start writing a DSC resource module for the ideas that I have. At the same, we expect attendees to pick an idea and start authoring resource modules. The goal, by end of the day, is to┬áhave at least a few modules that can be tested and published. Apart from the DSC workshop, we also have a bunch of IT pro related sessions in the second half of the day. So, don’t …

Slides from Reboot Camp Bangalore Keynote: Cloud Computing for IT Professionals

I had the opportunity to do the keynote at the Microsoft Reboot Camp Bangalore. This is a community driven event with support from Microsoft. The theme for the event was cloud computing and Microsoft Cloud offerings. In my keynote, I talked about what cloud computing means to the IT professionals and how they should get ready for the future. Here are the slides from my keynote.

Speaking Engagements in March 2014

March 2014 seems to be a busy month with good number of speaking engagements. This includes PowerShell and Windows Server talks in general. March 8th, 2014 – PowerShell Saturday, India I have a couple of sessions planned at the PowerShell Saturday India event. I will start the event with how one can get started with Windows PowerShell and using the shell. In this session, I plan to show how starting with shell can help you climb the PowerShell learning curve. The second session at this event will be on using REST API in Windows PowerShell. I will use the Kemp PowerShell module to demonstrate these features. March 15th, 2014 – Reboot IT The Reboot IT event is hosted by Microsoft focusing on Cloud OS. This agenda is getting finalized and I have a couple of sessions on Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V. I will update this post as soon as the registration link is available. These two events are in-person events and if you are around Bangalore, please come over and attend these events. March …