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BITS file transfer power pack – release 1.0.06

I made another release of BITS file transfer power pack yesterday. I kinda wrote the entire power pack from scratch in this release. There are some fundamental code changes and feature additions in this release. You can read the user guide for detailed information on how to use these feature.

BITS file transfer node

BITS file transfer node

Here is how the main node looks now. No major changes on this front. I just renamed “Get BITS Jobs” to “List active BITS Jobs”. This particular option now returns a custom object than just spitting out usual BITS job object. I did this to have some control over what I want to display in the results grid when you select this option. Especially, this option now lists % tranfer progress information for each BITS job. Although, this does not refresh automatically, it provides a high level view of the overall progress.

Available Actions & Links

Available Actions & Links

As you see the screen capture here, there are quite a few additions to the links/actions. While these additions are the new features I introduced in this release, there are a few changes to the options from the earlier release. All of these options have a better error checking and control now.

These are the new features in this release

Show Error
This option will show a detailed description of the error in a BITS job in the messages pane of PowerGUI admin console.

Show Job Progress
This shows the progress of a selected job using the Write-Progress cmdlet and displays a nice GUI progress bar.

Restart Job(s)
BITS file transfer requires the server providing HTTP downloads to support the resumable downloads. Some web servers may not support this and hence a few of these downloads when interrupted or suspended mid-way cannot be resumed from the point of failure. This new feature makes it easy to restart such failed downloads easily at a mouse click. This feature will take care of any number of files included within the BITS job and resume the job immediately for you.

Now, this will be the base for all future releases. I will not change the core functionality anymore. However, I will keep adding new features or make bug fixes. One such new feature on top of my list is what Dmitry had asked here.

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