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Another useful release of HVS2008 UI

I have been busy for the last couple of weeks and did not get enough time to look at this. Finally, I sat on this last evening and completed a few things by this morning. I have made another release of HVS 2008 UI scripts on Codeplex. You can find the release at

I have made some significant changes to this realease.

Design Changes
– Eliminated hvs2008display.vbs and combined it’s functionality with hvs2008main.wsf
– Now you can directly run hvs2008main.wsf with the help of cscript.exe
– Removed lot of redundant code and finalized some variable names for across the board usage
– TO DO: There is still lot of redundant code. I will look at that in my free time

Feature Changes
– Create / Delete Virtual Machines is complete. You will be able to create a virtual machine with custom memory and processor settings
– TO DO: I need to add some more custom features at the time of VM creation. For example, adding a NIC or a VHD or a DVD or an ISO image, etc
– Added Create Virtual Hard Disk. works perfect for Fixed/Dynamic disks
– TO DO: Differencing disks code is not complete; I am looking for a way to enable File Select Dialog box for ease os use. This should be complete by end of this week
– Added Change VHD Default Location
– Added Change VM Default Location
– TO DO: Again, I wanted to use BrowseForFolder method for ease of use; this, however, has some issue with Server Core OS. I need to fix that.

Features you can expect in coming week
– Features realted to connecting VHDs to VMs
– Features related to Virtual Switch creation / Deletion / Modification
– Features related to VM Network connections
– Modify virtual machine feature

The high level design I posted in an earlier post will change now. It will something like this

I hope to fix a couple of bugs related to displaying a file/folder select dialog box and then continue with remaining features.

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