Year: 2018

Azure DevOps Server – Performing Unattended Single Server Deployment

In the last part of this series, we looked at how to use the web installer to download the media content to a local folder. The method to download the bits applies to both full and express editions of the Azure DevOps Server. Once we have the installer bits, we can use unattended methods to perform the complete install of Azure DevOps Server. And, that is the subject of today’s post. There are different installation methods that are supported (source: Single server A single-server deployment is the easiest deployment, because the application tier and data tier are on the same machine. Dual servers A dual-server deployment, with separate application and data tiers can provide better performance for larger teams and teams with heavier usage. Multiple servers This type of deployment, which involves multiple application and data tiers, often provides better performance for larger teams and teams with heavier usage. By using more than one server, you improve high availability and disaster recovery ability. Today, we will look at the single server installation method and …

Azure DevOps Server – Downloading Setup Media Using Web Installer

Azure DevOps Services shouldn’t be anything new unless you were living under a rock. Azure DevOps Services is a cloud service that includes features that enable collaborative code development. This is a very useful cloud service. I really started liking how the Azure Pipelines are created and used. The overall integration is super powerful. But, a few enterprises or users would still love to have in-house or on-premises version tools that enable collaborative development. To this extent, Microsoft announced the availability of first release candidate (RC) of Azure DevOps Server 2019. The Azure DevOps Server delivers the Azure DevOps Services optimized for customer who prefer to self-host the same on-premises. The RC1 version of AzureDevOps Server 2019 is a free evaluation download. Once the Azure DevOps Server hits the RTM milestone, you will have to purchase the license. There is also a free version. It is called Azure DevOps Server Express. This can be installed on your laptop as well and supports up to five users. This express installation can be upgraded to the Azure DevOps …

#PowerShell SHiPS at Bangalore IT Pro + PowerShell User Group

I will be at the Bangalore IT Pro + PowerShell User Group meeting on 4th August 2018 to present my session on SHiPS: Your structure data as file system! The content of this session is similar to the one I did at the PowerShell Conference EU 2018. Unfortunately, that session recording was lost and this upcoming session will provide me with an opportunity to record it and share it. I will be speaking alongside some brilliant IT pro minds in Bangalore. Agenda Using SHiPS module to navigate your structured data {Ravikanth C} Azure Virtual WAN & Firewall {Ajay Kakkar} Intune Session {Anoop C Nair} Extending xDHCPServer DSC resources & lesoons learnt {Siva Nallagatla} Setup Infrastructure Build/Release (CI/CD) using VSTS {Deepak} Web Framework for PowerShell {Chen} Session on Containers {Sarvesh Goel} Venue & Time LinkedIn Office, Global Technology Park Bellandur (next to Intel Campus). This event starts at 10AM and ends after lunch. Registration If you have not registered yet, go ahead and do so here: