Month: July 2009

R2: Hyper-V host compatibility checks for VM quick / live migrations

One general issue with quick/live migration feature within Hyper-V is that you cannot move or migrate virtual machines between hosts with hardware incompatibilities. For example, you cannot move or migrate a VM from a host with Intel processors to another host with AMD processors. This is not an implementation issue. Rather, this is a technical issue involved in differences in instruction set between different processors. That said, sometimes moving or migrating virtual machines between hosts with processors from the same vendor may also fail. This could be because of the differences in feature sets of these processors. You won’t be able to move a virtual machine hosted on system with latest Intel processor to a system with some older Intel processor. Although, processors in both systems support hardware assisted virtualization, a VM move or migration may still fail. When Hyper-V was first released, there was no straight forward method to find out if “VM A” on “HOST A” can be quick migrated to “HOST B” without really performing a migration. Unfortunately, in Windows Server 2008 …

HVS2008 UI – Retrospection

It has been a while since I looked at this. I still see some downloads everyday. Till date, there were 772 downloads. Few weeks back, I posted a note about the closure of this project and said I am not going to work on this anymore. Today, however, I am having some second thoughts. Couple of reasons for that. 1. Survey done on this blog This survey I posted a few days back clearly showed that HVS2008 UI is certainly the most popular one out of all that I developed so far. Here is the proof: 2. Feedback from users of this script I have been receiving lot of good feedback and appreciation mails from many of you out there. This tool got blogged at many places too. But this particular reply on the codeplex discussion thread really had me. Here is what Jeff had to say on that thread Just to let you know, I discovered this gem today. It’s an absolute god send! It should be part of the default HyperV server build …

R2: Remote Desktop Services – quick reference links

I have been working on remote desktop services (formerly known as Terminal Services) in Windows Server 2008 R2 and collected quite a few resources on the web. Posting a few interesting ones here. Part 1: RDS Session Host – Initial Installation & Configuration Part 2: RDS Web Portal- Initial Installation & Configuration Part 3: RDS Connection Broker- Initial Installation & Configuration Part 4: RDS Gateway – Initial Installation & Configuration Part 5: RDP7 Deep Dive & User Experience Remote desktop services step-by-step guides I will start posting a few PowerShell scripts to manage RDS from command-line. There are few already on PowerShell MSDN blog. Technorati Tags: Remote Desktop Services,Windows Server 2008 R2,Hyper-V R2,PowerShell,RDS

Shell Extentions for VHD files – release 1.6

I just made another release of VHDShellExt.vbs. This will be the final release unless there are any bugs with the script. This release contains an IE based progress window and a few bug fixes. I tried various other options to represent the progress of any given task but I felt using IE instance was the easiest and most efficient way to represent progress. Here is how it looks       This IE progress window will appear only when you directly use the context menu to perform an action on the VHD or when you use WScript as the scripting engine to run VHDShellExt.vbs. Otherwise, you will see the progress in terms of a few dots on the screen and a message (success/fail) at the end. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I wasn’t really planning to complete this feature addition this week. But thanks to my 5 months old son. He has been really cooperative today 🙂 Let me know your thoughts on this tool. Technorati Tags: Hyper-V VHD,VHD right-Click,VHD Shell Extensions,VHD Mount,VHD …

Quick note

It has been a long time since I posted here. I have been bit busy with my son and other things at work. At work, Windows Server 2008 R2 & SharePoint work are keeping me busy. I have worked on VHDShellExt.VBS update to add a simple progress information window. I need to test it before I could make a release. Apart from that, chapter 5 of my eBook — Hyper-V: Virtual Networks — is also pending. I still have couple of more pages to complete and of course the code samples. I will try and make these two releases by end of next week. Visit this page again for updates.