Month: April 2009

R2: Server Manager Cmdlets

Windows Server 2008 R2 includes a few cmdlets (Command-lets) to manager server roles and features. Before R2, we had servermanagercmd.exe to add or remove features from command line. At the standard PowerShell console, you will not be able to access these cmdlets without importing the server manager module. To import the cmdlets, use Import-Module ServerManager at the PowerShell Console. This will enable the following three cmdlets. You could add a feature, for example .Net Framework, using the Add-WindowsFeature cmdlet. That is simple..huh.! Now, here is a limitation. For example, if I want to add RDS-Virtualization feature, using traditional Server Manager GUI, I need to add Remote Desktop Server feature and then select RD Virtualization under that. However, when you use Add-WindowsFeature RDS-Virtualization But if you go and look at the Server Manager GUI console, So, RDS-Virtualization is installed but without Remote Desktop Server it is of no use. Add-WindowsFeature cmdlet does not check for the dependency information. If you look at the Get-WindowsFeature output for any given feature there are multiple properties and one such property …

Book: Windows Server Virtualization

Here is the high level outline of the book I am planning. I have not decided on a title yet. Yeah, it is less important than the content so, let us keep it to the end. Chapter 1 Introduction to Virtualization – What is virtualization? – Historical overview – Microsoft Vitualization Solutions Chapter 2 Hyper-V: An architectural & feature overview Chapter 3 Hyper-V: Installation and configuration Chapter 4 Hyper-V: Virtual Storage Chapter 5 Hyper-V: Virtual Networks Chapter 6 Hyper-V: Advanced virtual networking concepts – Virtual Machine Queues – Virtual Machine Chimney Chapter 7 Hyper-V: Creating and Managing Virtual Machines Chapter 8 Hyper-V: Virtual Machine snapshots Chapter 9 Hyper-V: Quick Migration Chapter 10 Hyper-V: Live Migration Chapter 11 Hyper-V: Backup and restore Chapter 12 Hyper-V: Management using SCVMM 2008 R2 Chapter 13 Hyper-V: Tools and references I would like to focus only on Hyper-V v2 and SCVMM 2008 R2. I will, however, provide a note wherever the explained feature set does not apply to Hyper-V v1. This will help me avoid an update to the book …

writing a book..!

Yes, you read that right. I got this weird thought of writing my own book on Hyper-V configuration and management, purely from a IT Pro point-of-view. I was looking for a good book for MCTS: Windows Server Virtualization, configuring exam and did not find a Microsoft Press book. Of course, there are couple of e-learning offerrings. There is just one book which is a study guide for this exam. However, this is not available as an Indian edition. I have to shell out a few thousands to get the US copy. At the same time, looking at the exam objectives, I felt that this is something I do day-in and day-out. I have fair amount of knowledge to take the exam right away. However, I would still like to work on the whole subject a bit once again and then take the exam. In this same regard, I am thinking of putting together a book — only an online edition. BTW, anyone interested in printing this?!? :). This effort may help others in learning Hyper-V management concepts and at the …

HVS2008 UI

After thinking through it for a while, I have decided to stop developing the tool further. I had the plans of dismantling the tool as individual scripts so that you can use them in your scripting framework. I have looked at the existing code and it was not written in a very modular way. Only parts of it can be easily broken down. I feel that it is not worth the time I will have to spend. I have validated every piece of this script on Hyper-V v2 beta and Windows Server 2008 R2 beta. It works fine on the new OS too. I learned a lot of Hyper-V WMI related concepts while writing this tool and it was really helpful in understanding various architectural stuff. I will, now, concentrate more on PowerShell and C# related development and stop doing any VBScript work.

Windows 7 Install Fest – Bangalore

It just got over. The people participation was around 50-55, I think — not really a huge number for an event like this. There were three session since morning. First one was Vijay’s Windows 7 deep dive talk and second one was mine — Changes in Windows Server 2008 R2. At the end — in the afternoon — Aresh showed a few new features in Windows 7. The funniest part was, the Windows 7 laptop Vijay wanted to use for the Windows 7 deep dive crashed every time after connecting a projector. So, Win 7 deep dive was done using a Windows XP laptop. 🙂 Coming to my session, I got a feeling that my talk was fine but was more technical. I could have made it simple and easy to understand. Also, I spent very less time creating the deck and as a result I copied lot of pictures from a few R2 slides available on the Internet. I will try and do better next time. I, also, felt that more demos would have …

Virtual Machine Queues – MSDN Documentation

Take a look at the virtual machine queue (VMQ) feature documentation on MSDN. This feature provides great performance improvments on the vitual network subsystem within in Hyper-v V2. Of course, this is not a new invention. This has been there for a while and VMWare implemented this as NetQueue. VMQ / NetQueue implemetation requires VMDq capable Intel adapaters which are quite expensive to get one for experiments at home. So, working on this feature at home and writing some nice blog posts isn’t possible. I have been reading lot of documentation around this and posting a few links here. Microsoft PPT on Improving perfomance for Hyper-V virtual Machines 

Windows 7 install fest at Bangalore

There is a Windows 7 install fest scheduled tomorrow (4/18) at various places in India. This is organized by the local user groups and I will speaking at the Bangalore event. I will be talking about “What is new in Windows Server 2008 R2?”. If you are also in Bangalore and happen to read this post, please come over to join us there. Here is the link to registration I will post the slides I used — still working on that — and my experience from the overall event tomorrow. Stay tuned…!