Month: June 2008

HTC Touch….I love this phone

HTC phones are not new. In fact, I had a HTC 8125 for sometime, which broke in to pieces later 🙁 . I was using an old Motorola V3 (first release of Razr) for a long time until I bought this new HTC Touch couple of days back. I just fell in love with the looks of this phone. And, of course, it offers whole lot of features

Using GetSummaryInformation() method

GetSummaryInformation() method in the Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementService class gets data like guest OS type, uptime, heartbeat, etc, etc This method is documented here. This one takes SettingData and RequestedInformation as inputs and returns an embedded instance of Msvm_SummaryInformation as the output. I don’t know how to pass the settingdata and RequestedInformation in a proper way. I just used NULL for settingdata and an array of numbers as RequestedInformation. I am not an expert in WMI. So, please excuse my dumb VBScript. It serves the purpose though 🙂 Here is the script for your reference