Year: 2006

First Open Source project

I have got an OSS project, PySystemManager, approved on SourceForge. This project will adopt client/server methodology and will have an agent running on the client machines & a controller that can remotely discover all the clients. This project intends to provide following functionality Provide a test automation framework Quality engineers can use this tool to automate their test efforts across various clients. They will have an option to add test scripts to the controller and execute these scripts remotely by sending the information to client agent. All test result logging will be handled by the client agent and the results will be stored at the controller Provide APIs to use logging methods in test scripts so that the controller will have a better idea of test status For System administrators to remotely execute binary files / scripts to perform system maintenance tasks on a large number of client machines at the same time This is the kind of tool I always wanted in my previous job as a system administrator and as weel as in …

Govt of India blocking blogging sites

Not sure how true this is, but looks like government of India had odered information ministry to block blogging sites. As I have seen, the first one to get impacted is Google’s Blogspot. Home page of this blog site is available but the individual blog pages are not..!! If true, this is against freedom of speech. You cannot stop people from voicing their opinions by blocking blogging sites

returning VB script execution status

VB Script & DOS batch…each of these have pros and cons. DOS batch is easy to script but it becomes complex with requirements. VB Scripting is not as easy as DOS batch but can easily scale to script very complex activities. So, it is always a good idea to combine these two technologies and get the best out of them. In a similar effort, I was trying to capture the return status of VB script inside a batch. There is no direct way to do it. something like, set x = cscript.exe test.vbs will not work mainly because there is no way to return the value of a variable within a VB script. So, here is what I had done. ‘VB Script Start ‘test.vbs Dim i i = 10 If (i10) Then     WScript.Quit(1) Else     WScript.Quit(0) End If ‘VB Script End ::DOS batch Start ::test.bat @echo off cscript.exe test.vbs if errorlevel 1 goto doit1 if errorlevel 0 goto doit2 :doit1 echo Errorlevel 1 found pause exit :doit2 echo Errorlevel 0 found pause exit :: DOS Batch …

The Quota crisis

Here is a very interesting and thought provoking read by Mr. M S Gopinathan, a former IIT professor If you are socially disadvantaged, you must strive to overcome that disadvantage and the only way to do that is to educate yourself and your children. Ask for good schools, good teachers and scholarships. If you opt for charity and crutches, you will always remain for generations to come, a receiver of charity limping on borrowed crutches. Charity demeans both the giver and the receiver.

Have you heard about reverse outsourcing?

One of the most interesting articles by Siddharth Srivastava. A must read for all those in IT industry The outsourcing story so far has been one way — of Indians and Indian firms eating into jobs in the US and UK. As Indian Information Technology firms reach global scales, a reverse trend is evolving — Americans and others from the west are finding employment in overseas operations of Indian firms. This is to add to the many out-of-work executives from US who have shifted base to India in search of better opportunities. It is being termed as reverse outsourcing. Let us consider in greater detail how these systems work. In the past, Indian outsourcing companies have set up offices in the United States, but they have been largely restricted to marketing through SEO reseller companies, generating new clients as well as establishing a countrywide network that have created very few jobs and that too mostly for Indians. Several reports now indicate that Indian IT giants such as Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Service have resorted to …