Windows Server Virtualization: Hyper-V

Table of contents

Chapter 1
Introduction to Virtualization
– What is virtualization?
– Historical overview
– Microsoft Virtualization Solutions

Chapter 2
Hyper-V: An architectural & feature overview

Chapter 3
Hyper-V: Installation and configuration

Chapter 4
Hyper-V: Virtual Storage 

Chapter 4: Virtual Storage 1655 downloads

Chapter 5
Hyper-V: Virtual Networks

Chapter 6
Hyper-V: Advanced virtual networking concepts
– Virtual Machine Queues
– Virtual Machine Chimney

Chapter 7
Hyper-V: Creating and Managing Virtual Machines

Chapter 8
Hyper-V: Virtual Machine snapshots

Chapter 9
Hyper-V: Quick Migration

Chapter 10
Hyper-V: Live Migration

Chapter 11
Hyper-V: Backup and restore

Chapter 12
Hyper-V: Management using SCVMM 2008 R2

Chapter 13
Hyper-V: Tools and references