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A technology enthu and a Windows PowerShell MVP working on SharePoint solutions at Dell Inc. Has deep interests in Windows Server OS & Virtualization.

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  1. Script to automate creation of OS VHDs from Server 2008 R2 media | Ravikanth Chaganti

    [...] 4. VHDs captured using this method cannot be conected to a VM directly. You will have to follow a few steps mentioned in this post [...]

  2. mark
    mark at |

    This looks good, I couldn’t assign letter Z to the Vdisk… it seems like the “assign” command only works with Volumes and not partitions, is this correct?

  3. Using a Boot to VHD file in a Hyper-V Server VM - Just just easy answers

    […] I was able to successfully boot my vhd in Hyper-V Server using the sequence of commands found at […]

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