eBook: WMI Query Language via PowerShell

WQL via PowerShell

WQL via PowerShell

If you read the WQL series of posts on this blog, you may be aware by now that I was working on converting that series in to an eBook. So, finally, I made it.

WMI Query Language via PowerShell 43270 downloads

This ebook has 9 chapters (56 pages of WMI and PowerShell goodness) and here is the high-level content outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tools for the job
  3. WMI Data queries
  4. WMI Event Queries: Introduction
  5. Intrinsic Event Queries
  6. Extrinsic Event Queries
  7. Timer Events
  8. WMI Schema Queries
  9. WMI Event consumers

As you see above, the content of this book much more than what was there in the blog posts. I have included a bonus chapter (WMI event consumers) to show how permanent event consumers can be create using both WMI and the PowerEvents module by @pcgeek86. I’ve spent almost 38hrs of editing on this book. This is excluding the hours my friends — Shay Levy, @Alexandair, Philip LaVoie, and Robert Robelo — spent reviewing the content. I am very thankful to them for spending their weekend reviewing this ebook and providing the feedback. Their feedback really helped shape up the content.

Also, thanks to all of you for leaving your feedback on this blog. If you find any corrections to be made or questions, leave a comment on this page. I will be more than happy to answer or update the book.

Finally, if you liked the content, please spread the word by tweeting or sharing the link with your friends.

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A technology enthu and a Windows PowerShell MVP working on SharePoint solutions at Dell Inc. Has deep interests in Windows Server OS & Virtualization.

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  3. Sudeepta Ganguly
    Sudeepta Ganguly at |

    Read the first couple of pages, but found it very helpful. Thanks and Congratulation to you. Will there be a book for absolute beginners in future?

  4. Ravikanth
    Ravikanth at |

    Thanks Sudeepta. Are you looking for some guidance on WMI for beginners? or PowerShell for beginners?

  5. Sudeepta Ganguly
    Sudeepta Ganguly at |

    I have read the task-based approach in TechNet and found it very helpful as it was designed for a starter like me. I am looking for a book on PowerShell for beginner, though I understand some portion of the PS script. Thought to buy a book to get a better understanding, any suggestions?

  6. Gopal.D
    Gopal.D at |

    It is very nice ebook for beginners

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  10. Thomas Thrush
    Thomas Thrush at |

    Thanks for the eBook, I’ve been looking for something like this for quite sometime.

  11. Alselmur
    Alselmur at |

    Ravikanth THE BEST. GRACIAS.

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  14. Ratan Bekal
    Ratan Bekal at |

    Thanks Ravikanth…. The best reference for biginers.

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  17. Frank The Tank
    Frank The Tank at |

    A very nice piece of work!!!

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