Test-WSManCredSSP: Check if a remote computer has WSMan CredSSP enabled

Update: This script won’t work against Windows 2003 or Windows XP systems. There is no CredSSP support on this and hence the WSMan:\<ComputerName>\Client\Auth\CredSSP or WSMan:\<computerName>\Service\Auth\CredSSP won’t resolve. You can use -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue along with Get-Item cmdlet when reading these values, if you don’t want to see an error. Thanks to @dfinke for reporting this. I’ve published a free book on… Read more →

PowerShell to list / add / remove Windows roles & features remotely

Lot of my R & D work at home happens on a couple of physical systems and lot of virtual machines hosted on Hyper-V. One thing that I regularly do is to rebuild lot of these machines and in that process, I add/remove Windows OS features many times. One default setting I have on all my systems is PowerShell remoting…. Read more →