Month: October 2009

SharePoint 2010 – Quick snack

This is a slide deck showing a quick overview of what’s new in SharePoint 2010. This information is based on my understanding from various resources on Internet. As it is mentioned in the deck, I still don’t have access to SharePoint 2010 bits and the information in the deck may not be completely accurate. Don’t hesitate to provide your feedback on the content.

SharePoint 2010 ITPro and developer resources

As you may already know, SharePoint 2010 beta is fast approaching. It will be out in November 2009 and I am really looking forward to get my hands dirty with it. I started collecting a few resources for my own learning and wanted to share all those links here. I will update this post as I see more and more new resources on the net. Microsoft Resources SharePoint 2010 product page: SharePoint 2010 on TechNet: SharePoint 2010 on MSDN: SharePoint Development Team on Twitter: SharePoint Developer Courses on Channel 9: SharePoint Experts blogs & Twitter links SharePoint Joel Blog: SharePoint Joel on Twitter: Michael T Noel on Twitter: Andrew Connell’s blog: My Twitter SharePoint list: There are many more SharePoint experts out there. I am listing only a few I follow.  And finally, you can pre-register for SharePoint 2010 beta @ I am really excited about this release and will start posting content here as soon as the public beta is out. Keep watching this …